Real-time Actionable Data for Any Aquatic Environment

Real-time microbial activity sensors

About Us

Over 25 Years of Academic Research

Originally born out of years of research in environmental microbiology laboratories in Toronto and South Africa, AquaSignum was formed to address a need in the market. We took a laboratory-proven technology and developed it into the perfect tool for industry and environmental monitoring.

We empower end-users letting them know when water-quality is impaired, and when it is back to normal.

Our Products

Our Real-Time Sensor is Changing Water Quality Monitoring.

Real-Time Water Quality Data

Our sensor generates thousands of data points per hour. This real-time microbial data can help optimize your processes and monitor for imbalances.

IoT Connectivity

Always connected to our secure cloud. Your data is accessible anywhere you are, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of water quality.

Unaffected by Fouling

Our biosensor uses the native microbial population. This means the sensor never needs to be cleaned and is unaffected by fouling.

Real-time Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)

Get real-time data comparable to BOD measurements with no sampling, lab work, or reagents. 

Real-Time Microbial Monitoring for your Industry.

Industrial and Municipal Applications

wastewater treatment

Optimize aeration, detect imbalances, monitor nutrient shock loads and toxic influent that can harm your treatment processes.

Detect fouling in real-time. Optimize chemical dosing. Prevent costly downtime and keep production running.

Know when your products are bio-fouled and when to take action. Minimize product quarantine and keep production running.

real-time environmental monitoring sensor

Detect CSO events in real-time. Pin-point polluters. Accurately measure the effects of CSOs, run-off and decreased water-quality.

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