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Real-time Microbial Monitoring For Any Application

Our modular real-time biosensor can measure biological activity in any environment without any effects from bio-fouling.

Custom web application dashboard to display all your data in real-time. User authentication to keep your data safe.

Configurable biological thresholds and alerting to keep you notified when changes occur any time of the day or night.

Real-time biological activity measurements allow for both quantitative and qualitative comparisons between sensors.

Virtually maintenance free. Our Sensor does not rely on sampling, uses no external equipment and requires no reagents.

real-time environmental monitoring sensor

Industry Focused.

Wastewater treatment monitoring

Wastewater Treatment

 Understand changing influent that can threaten your biology and treatment train. Optimize aeration for savings in electricity costs.

biofouling monitoring cooling towers real-time

Industrial Process Water and Cooling Towers

Biofouling can cause expensive downtime. Understand your process water and detect biofouling before it becomes a problem. Optimize biocide application and minimize downtime.

food and beverage real-time monitoring

Food and Beverage Monitoring

In food and beverage, maintaining high quality product is integral. Real-time microbial monitoring data can keep you notified of spoilage and prevent losses.

aquaculture real-time monitoring


Changing water quality can negatively affect yields. Detect bacteria overgrowth and decreased water quality using the ultimate biological indicator.

real-time environmental monitoring sensor

Environmental / Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Monitoring

Environmental water quality is under threat from sewage, runoff and pollution. Microbes react first to changing water quality. Stay informed when water quality changes. Pinpoint the time and location of polluters.

Mining tailings monitoring real-time BOD sensor

Mining Effluent Monitoring (Real-time BOD Measurements)

Our real-time microbial monitoring sensor is an excellent proxy for BOD measurements. Get real-time BOD measurements without sampling and no effect of turbidity or bio-fouling.

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